Fijian-born “One-Man Music-Machine” Wise Katubadrau, aka Wise, has quickly garnered a solid fan base within today’s independent music scene. His signature "mash-up" mega-song rolls from one hit to the next, pairing the most unlikely of songs together in perfect unison. Wise writes and composes his own music in addition to playing a vast mix of covers. Conveyed through passionate lyrics, his songs touch on life experiences, relationships, faith and hope. Wise’s vibe and musical style is accompanied with a unique stage presence: He plays the acoustic guitar, while singing, while playing the drums with his feet. His raw, organic sound conveys a musical style that can’t simply be pinned to one genre. Wise fills his sets with an array of reggae, pop and soulful-influenced covers, and then backs them up with thought-provoking originals sang with crafty lyrics and a signature sound he’s honed into his very own.

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